Black Boy By Richard Wright

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Black Boy by Richard Wright is a well written novel that talks about him growing up in the Jim Crow south. By the title you know he is African American and living in the Jim crow south he soon found out that white folks were about to do more and were better than blacks. The two races were not equal and blacks were often discriminated, hated, and punished for the most simple things. Many were punished for simple things such as looking the wrong way at a white women, things that in todays society would be completely acceptable. Richard did not know why things were how they were in life, but he soon figured out. A huge theme for this book is hunger, the actual physical aspect of it and metaphorically he was hungry. The first true mention he made of hunger was on page 14 near the beginning of the book. He was a young kid at the time and truly did not know what hunger was until this moment. Richard says “Hunger had always been more or less at my elbow when I played, but now I began to wake up at night to find hunger standing at my bedside…”(Wright,14). He was use to the normal hunger that he always had. He would just beg for some bread or crust and it would be fixed. This new sense of hunger Richard was feeling was a deep hunger that he had never felt before. He would beg for food and only receive tea and the hunger would just be stabbing him in the stomach not leaving his body. He begged to his mom and tried to joke about it to get his mind off the subject of being hungry.
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