Black Boy By Richard Wright

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Williams 1 Trey Williams Mrs. Evans British Literature 12/5/11 Black Boy Analysis Essay Richard Wright 's autobiography Black Boy is a book that narrates Wright’s life growing up as an African-American in the woods of Mississippi during Jim Crow laws. Many African Americans were Wright were from faced financial struggles. These tough living circumstances greatly affected his youth. Black Boy examines the tough times Wrights and his family faced. Wrights tough youth seemed to have a huge affect on Wrights life. It is story of one boy’s determination to get out of his living circumstances. Despite the poverty, his family and he face. Black Boy is primarily a story about a life-long struggle between racism and poverty. Wrights also was always in search for acceptance, love, and an understanding of the world around him. Wrights best attribute may have been his knowledge along with his imagination. The setting that this novel takes place was a very important influence in the style in which Wright wrote Black Boy. The setting is primarily in Jackson, Mississippi. However, in Wrights later years he bounces around from Arkansas, Memphis, Tennessee, and Chicago. Jim Crow laws and poverty defined the south during this time and Wright was right in the middle of both of these things. Many minor characters in Black Boy do not seem to have much of an impact on Wright at first glance. However, after analyzing these characters I found that Wright learned a lot from

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