Black Boy and Mama’s Girl Comparison and Contrast Essay

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Black Boy and Mama’s Girl Comparison and Contrast Essay

Mama’s Girl by Veronica Chambers and Black Boy by Richard Wright are autobiographies about two people growing up black in America. Richard Wright, born in 1908 near Roxie, Mississippi, became to be one of the most influential black writers in America and his work helped redefine discussions of race relations in America in the mid-20th century. Veronica Chambers, author of Mama’s Girl, has spent most of her career being an editor for various papers and magazines and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Both books describe how it is like to grow up being discriminated against and the trials that one goes through being a black American. Both Black Boy and Mama’s Girl have
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The Great Depression was mainly started by the Wall Street Crash of 1929. The net effect of the Great Depression was a sudden and general loss of confidence in the economic future of America and high unemployment rates all across the country. Mama’s Girl took place in the years around 1970-1990. The Watergate Scandal in 1972, the Summer Olympics being boycotted in 1980, and Ronald Regan was inaugurated in 1981. In 1972, five men were arrested for the burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. The House Judiciary Committee voted to impeach the President due to suspicion that he was involved in the Watergate Scandal but later in 1974 President Nixon resigned, becoming the first (and as of 2012, the only) President to step down. In 1980 the U.S. boycotted the Summer Olympics in Moscow to protest the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In 1981 Ronald Regan was inaugurated as the 40th president of the United States and became the face of the United States during the 1980’s. Wright grew up in the 1920’s before the Civil Rights Movement, showing that he grew up in a much harder racial time than Chambers did where blacks were treated unfairly and discriminated against constantly. Chambers grew up after the Civil Rights Movement where racial segregation was no longer legal and the problems for blacks weren’t as bad because of the stress placed on racial equality during the Civil Rights movement and the
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