Black Bully : The Aspects Of The Black Friday

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Although it has many origin myths, Black Friday originally started the 1950s because of a football game. This was the term used by the police to describe the events during the Army-Navy game that took place every year on the day after Thanksgiving. As all members of the police force had to work that during that game, it made the rest of the city very weakly protected, leading to many thefts and robberies. Eventually, around 1980s, retailers were able to spin this term into something positive. Black, in Black Friday, referenced stores going from “in the red” to “in the black” as Christmas approached and more people were shopping. Since then it has become the biggest weekend of sales during the year and is done across the nation (Pruitt, 2015). What started as a day when people could easily steal from local Philadelphia stores, then morphed into a holiday shopping frenzy, has now become an environment that allows people go crazy and for it to be considered appropriate by the people around them. Goffman’s theory on social role altering one’s actions and personality can be used to explain this phenomenon. As stores and malls put more effort into handling the possible craziness, or deviance, of shoppers, they get the idea that it is expected upon them to act this way. For example, when a store adds extra security to control the crowds, it’s letting the people in the crowd know that they are expected to need to be controlled. This can also explain the need to buy things that might
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