Black Canary and the Double Trouble

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In a Rugged City Black Canary was awaking from a dark alley. Just then she heard a cry for help. Black Canary jumped through her underground portal and onto her armory of weapons and then she grabbed her suit, she was ready to go. She seeked the evil approaching with her super sonic hearing and then spotted a group of children. Black Canary said to the children “Don't be afraid, I am here to help when there is danger or evil approaching.” One of the children replied back and said “We saw a women dressed in black and she had blood everywhere.” Another child named Margaret said “She came up to us screaming when the clock strikes twelve you will be dead, the city will be dead, and then she walked away.” Black Canary asked if she said what her name was and they all said Black Alice is her name. Right then, Black Canary had a flashback. She knew Black Alice, they used to be Alias in the Secret Society. Black Alice then turned evil that night when Satan possessed her and took her super powers away and she then became a villain. Black Canary asked the children which direction the villain headed in and then she left. Black Canary found that more than half of the city was a wreck. The street signs were wiped out, trees were laying in half on the ground, cars were flipped, and even more terrible things. Black Canary knew where to find her though, everyone knows. She lives in the streets of Elm in the dark mist of the trench hole. Black Canary waited to find her, because she knew now

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