Black Caribbean Natives

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The individuals are black Caribbean natives aged 45 – 60 years old. They are a Christian couple with two sons and have been married for nearly twenty years. The wife holds a doctoral degree and is now pursuing her Post-Doctoral degree in health care and her husband is a graduate of a technical school. They have a combined income of over $220,000. Neither husband nor wife had any prior marriages. They are both first-borns, except the wife is an only child whereas the husband has three younger siblings. Assessment Results I met with the couple for 90 minutes at their house on a Sunday evening. The session began by first gathering feedback from the initial online assessment. Their negative criticism was related to the time-consuming…show more content…
I allowed her to express her concerns to her husband using “I” statements. In turn, her husband summarized what she stated, which showed that he was actively listening. However, he did indicate to her that school and work take most of her time. He added that they can spend valuable time together after she finishes her degree. She was perturbed by his response and stated that she was worried that by the time she is finished with school they will have drifted apart. I encouraged the couple to plan for a date night just one day a week. Before advancing to the other section, both had agreed that Saturday’s would be their designated date night. Communication In the communication part of the session, the husband listened attentively while his wife shared her wishes. Subsequently, the husband shared his wish for them as a couple, which left her surprised and emotionally touched since his wishes were centered on his wife. Erica mentioned that in addition to spending more intimate time together she would like to drastically reduce her stress levels and she would appreciate them scheduling an exercise regimen. Orville added that he would like to start formulating a plan on their growing desire to adopt a baby girl. His other wish was to find a solution to reduce his wife stress and he believed opening up a business would resolve the stress issue. Erica was emotionally moved by his responses and was embarrassed that her wishes were focused

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