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Sometimes known as the ‘victimless’ crime, White Collar Crime includes crimes such as fraud, embezzlement and, more often than not, results in the criminal profiting money-wise which is one of the biggest lures into White Collar Crime (WCC).
WCC, has become more and more easier and accessible as businesses move closer towards technology and further away from paper documents which makes it easier to commit WCC as, if you knew what you were doing, you could cover your tracks easier than it would be for if you were forging papers and changing names as you would have to have the right paper, change the names without it being noticeable etc… which means, that in this day and age of technological advances, it is easier to commit WCC now than it was back then which can be supported by the following statistics which will back up my investigation into whether other factors contribute to the rising crime, other than poverty.
Impact of White Collar Crime vs. Blue Collar Crime:
White Collar:
A recent inquiry into the effects of white collar crime, compared to blue collar crime, was conducted in New Zealand in May 2013 . The Inquiry went into the effects, penalties and the various laws that had been imposed by the New Zealand Government throughout a period of time.
The Inquiry stated that White Collar Crime in New Zealand had economic effects on businesses which are usually associated with embezzling of money and fraud crimes which makes White Collar Crime easy to…

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