Black College Retention And Graduation Rates

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Isis Johnson
Professor Marks
13 December 2015
English Writing 300
Black College Completion Excluding those in highly prestigious institutions, Black students have low college graduation rates. I have found that Black students are finishing college less often because of stereotype threat, lack of preparation, and lack of support. Solutions to these problems are involved college counselors, learning cohorts, and decent funding for all primary and secondary schools. Research shows that Black college retention and graduation rates are low, especially when compared to other races. On The Chronicle of Higher Education: College Completion website, the graph shows 2013 graduation rates for all California public colleges. According to the graph, 17.1% of first time, full-time, Black undergraduates attained their degree within four years. In six years, 45.4% of them met this goal. On the same scale, Whites, Asians, Hispanics, and American Indians are surpassing black graduation rates. In four years, 38.8% of White students are graduating from these institutions, while 67.8% are graduating in six. Forty-two point two percent of Asians are graduating in four years, and 73.3% are graduating in six years. Hispanic students are graduating at the rate of 20.9% in four years, and 53.3% in six years. The rate for American Indians is 31.1% in four years, and 57.5% in six (The Chronicle of Higher Education: College Completion). For a quarter century, the racial college achievement gap between…
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