Black Death In Western Asia

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The Black Death was tragic there was not much to do but just hope that everything would get better. The disease was one of the worst plagues that occurred in Western Asia. The Western Asian countries were devastated by the epidemic of the Black Death caused by wild rodents, the plague is responsible for millions that were exterminated.
The bubonic plague is known as the Black Death, “Between the years 1346 to 1353, a terrible disease swept over Western Asia, The Middle East, North Africa and Europe, causing catastrophic losses of population everywhere, both in the countryside and in the towns and cities” (Benedict 3). The black death was the reason for the deaths of many people. The bubonic plague, pneumonic plague, and septicaemic plague
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“It devastated the western world from 1347 to 1351, killing 25%-50% of Europe's population and causing or accelerating marked political, economic, social and cultural changes” (Gottfried xiii). The death rate had increased to 1,000 per day by 1348 (Gottfried 38). Even though the bubonic plague is the least toxic it is extremely lethal, it kills 50% - 60% of the people that get infected (Gottfried 8).The black death effaced the majority of Europe's population.
Symptoms of the black death are common to other diseases. Coldness, Extreme tiredness, and prickling sensation were some of the first symptoms (Horrox 4). The symptoms made it harder for people to see it as a threat. “It was understood that the bubes developed in places with a concentration of lymph nodes, which are first-line defence of the body against invasion of microorganisms, and that infection bacteria was the reason that lymph nodes swelled into bubes” (Benedictow 11). People sometimes had high fevers before getting the swellings (Horrox
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That might be the reason to why it came back later on in the 1300’s. Others believed that the epidemic was some sort of punishment to humans for their bad behaviors (Byrne 238). “Scapegoats, often Jews, were persecuted and murdered as frightened people desperately sought somebody to blame for the spread of the plague” ( Byrne 238). Humans would ravage each other in search for answers. The Bubonic plague was named the Black Death by Europeans (Benedictow 3). Many think the the reason was because of the symptoms of the epidemic. The reason for the name is a misunderstanding of the expression atra mors meaning terrible and black (Benedictow
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