Black & Decker 2008

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Running head: BLACK & DECKER BLACK & DECKER Marketing MBA 504 Introduction Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker, SR., in 1910, started a machine shop business and in 1917 receiving the world’s first patent for a power drill. The company was later named Black & Decker, (B&D) and over the next 73 years they became one of the most well known brands and market leaders of power tools, accessories, lawn, garden supplies and residential security hardware worldwide. In 1990 B&D grew to a record $4.8 billion dollars in sales with 50% of their business coming from outside the United States. “The B&D name enjoyed substantial equity in both the United States and Europe. An independent survey of 6,000 brands…show more content…
Not as | | |warranty, value, services, after sales support |strong or as good. | |PRICE |Pricing Strategy, terms, bundling, internal gross |The product looked and felt the same as the consumer product | | |margins, flexibility, positioning, and budget. |giving it a position of cheapness. The actual price would most| | | |likely have been a factor for B&D. | |PLACEMENT |Distribution Channels, Supply Chain, distribution,|Lacked in capitalizing one of the most profitable distribution | | |inventory management, forecasting, direct vs. |channels - Membership Club. B&D also did not have a big market | | |indirect sales force, order processing, |share in all of Professional Tradesmen distribution channels | | |transportation, reverse logistics – Geographic |especially in the Home Centers. | |PROMOTION |Strategy, Advertising, Publicity. Public |Get a new color, promote durability &
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