Black Equality Movement And Law Enforcement

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Thirty-five35 years ago, Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on a row house on 62nd and Osage Avenue in West Philadelphia. The bomb was dropped in an attempt to remove MOVE members from the house. The MOVE movement was black liberation group original created by John Africa in 1972. MOVE had had a difficult relationship with the Chicago police since its inception, and a particular tragic encounter with the police 7 years before the bombing - ; a standoff between the members and the police resulted in the death of one police officer and life sentences for 9 MOVE members (whom are know as the MOVE 9).
However, tension between black equality movements and law enforcement had been high for the previous decade. The 1960’s was a turbulent decade of black civil unrest that continued and contributed to the distrust between police and black communities, and spawnedbrought forth many vocal social groups like the NAACP, SCLC, Black Panthers, and more. During this time, police flagrantly disregarded constitutional and state and /federal laws in order to suppress black liberation movements. By observing this decade of social change we can see the context in which the events in Philadelphia came to pass.
On Thursday, July 16, 1964 on the Upper East side of Manhattan, 15 year old James Powell was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. This event lead to a six day riot in which 4,000 New Yorkers participated in. On the first day, the Police Department secured the crime scene…
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