`` Black Fatherhood `` By Jennifer Hamer

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In Jennifer Hamer’s book of black fatherhood, she identifies a number of critical factors that contribute to the major increase in live-away fathers. First, there were men who were just not prepared to become a father. Scared with the thought of bringing another person into this world, they did not know what to do nor did they have a clue of how to care for a child. Some men fled immediately after knowing his partner was pregnant. Fatherhood was just something they did not want to be a part of and like all of their other problems in life, they continued to run from them. Unlike these men, some fathers actually stuck around during their partner’s pregnancy and even after the child’s birth. But it did not always last long. Many of these children were conceived while the parents were just dating and living in separate homes. Once they were pregnant, the couple decided to try living together for the birth of their offspring not doing so before. After a few months of having conflicts and commitment issues the relationship between the parents was eventually broken and the male decided that it was his time to leave his family, labeling him as a live-away father. Second, the education level of some black men prevented them from being able to obtain blue-collard employment causing them to struggle to provide not only for themselves, but for their child as well. This left the father feeling as if he were not financially stable to support a child and pushed him into parting ways from

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