Black Feminism : A Profound Effect On Society 's History

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Black Feminism has proven to have a profound effect on society’s history, and is now beginning to impact even more this day and age. Black feminism is broader than what comes to mind. It is an essential component of black struggle against oppression and authority. Generally Black feminism is used to empower and liberate black women. Throughout the years many liberals have tried to exclude and silence black feminist. Black feminist have demanded for social, economic and political equality, and desire a compatible and progressive vision of social justice (Freedman 2002). This is based on the historical and ongoing struggles against the race and gender of black women across America. It can be experienced within the home, in an occupational setting, in the communities, and more so within the culture. Today African women, especially those on college campuses have accepted feminism as representation for all women. Feminist perspectives seem to be appealing African female writers who present African life through the favored feminist ideologies of African male as overbearing and instinctive. Feminism has always looked to influence popular culture by its presence and by its persistent demands to be recognized as the official voice of all women. Black feminism nowadays is somewhat based off of things that are seen through the eyes of poor women, women of immigration, and lesbian women. The struggle of black feminist comes from black women not only being equal to black…

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