Black Friday Madness

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Black Friday Madness

In the essay “Black Friday: Consumerism Minus Civilization,” the author, Andrew Leonard, makes the argument that, “The out-of-control marketing and consumer insanity” (135) has taken over Thanksgiving and the days following it. Sadly, as consumers, we have forgotten what Thanksgiving is really all about. Marketing businesses have gone overboard brainwashing consumers with advertisements pumping them up to shop on Black Friday and the days that follow. Moreover, marketing businesses have caused the actions we see and hear about on Black Friday such as people being trampled, as consumers rush into stores to shop the sales, and are proof of this insanity. I strongly agree with Leonard’s arguments from “Black Friday:
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In addition, within the stores there are so many areas sections off with lines for their own for specific items such as laptops, Ipads, and other expensive items that are very limited in the quantity a store even receives. The insanity of the consumers showing up hours before the store even opens or sales even began made me step back and wonder if it is really worth the few bucks of savings. I have seen consumers rushing to be the first in line and closest to the pallets and racks of the items still covered up. It is crazy people actually start taking the boxes apart to look what inside while waiting for the sale time to start. I do not recommend bringing your kids to shop, because consumers can be rude and very pushy. Also, some stores even announce specials that are only advertised in the store during the Black Friday sale times. All these things seem to just send consumers into and even bigger frenzy.
Leonard argues that it is time to take back Thanksgiving. He has many thoughts and points to the insanity that Black Friday shopping brings. Leonard states “But there’s also a point where healthy consumerism becomes out-of-control marketing-driven commodity fetishism, and when we find ourselves checking our smartphones for last minute online deals while standing in line for a chain store opening at midnight on Thanksgiving,
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