Black Giant : An Epic Creation

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During the 1920’s, as cars became more widespread, society became evermore dependent on the properties of oil. Gas, a by-product of oil, was in high demand, but the supply was quickly being depleted. As once prosperous wells were reaching their limits, panic ensued upon the public Oil in America was becoming scarce and the search for outside sources was on. In the third installment of the Prize titled “Black Giant”, we follow America in its search for foreign oil. In the first two decades of the 20th century, America contained three-fourths of the worlds cars. Aiding to that statistics is the fact that the U.S. was also home to Henry Ford, creator of the Ford Motor company. Ford was a smart man and through specialization, the latest machinery, and the assembly line, he cut the cost to produce a car. This not only increased his profits, but it also made the vehicle more affordable to the everyday citizen. The car was an epic creation, yet, its dependence on a depleting resource made it, and those who depended upon it services, vulnerable. Facing the prospect of an oil shortage, the Federal government stepped in. To address the shortage, Secretary of Commerce, Herbert Hoover, called a meeting which encompassed major figures of the petroleum industry. Among these leaders, was a man by the name of Walter Teagle. Teagle grew up in Ohio’s Euclid Avenue. He was the son of an oil man and his grandfather on his mother’s side was one of John D. Rockefeller’s original
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