Black Girl Research Paper

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I grew up in a Catholic School, me being the only black person in the class for about six years. Looking like an outcast. Sometimes I wonder what my classmates thought of me since I was the only colored person in the class. I wonder if they were thinking bad things about me. Since I was the only colored person in the class. It was hard for me at first to fit in, no one would want to talk to me or play with me. Then, as I got older it was easier to fit in because I wasn’t the only other race that was there. By now the world has changed a whole lot. Lately in social media black women have been called names that no one would like to be called those names are black Barbie’s, baby mamas, and uneducated sisters.
First of all, what does ‘black Barbie’s mean? According to Walker, “one trick pony with long plastic hair, a teeny weeny dress, loud makeup, and gang of artificial friends”. The most common places where you would see a ‘black Barbie’ is on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Those are places where people can express the way they live or how they feel about themselves. Black women are not the only women who post pictures on Instagram
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A wise women named Helese Smauldon said that “I think that black women are stigmatized. Black women are not viewed as ideal mothers but as problematic mothers…it’s because of the history of slavery and the fact that black women are not seen as mothers but as breeders that we can even conceive Michelle Obama as a baby momma” (Smauldon). This is going back in the past before social media had anything to do with calling black women ‘baby mamas’. The reason why black women are called that so much is because they are not married to their baby daddy and most of the time they don’t want anything to do with them. “She’s not called my wife, my girlfriend, or even my lover, but my baby’s
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