Black Hawk Down Analysis

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When reading the story Black Hawk Down, it seems like any other boring book that teenagers have to read in school, but there is more to this book rather than words. By reading Black Hawk Down, a reader or yourself may gain life lessons during the session of the chapters, including significant life lessons. The author of this book, Mark Bowden expresses experiences of real life people, which he had gathered all the experience and applied a book to it. The book can give us many life lessons, especially for the people's future and of course why this book is also good for teenagers in this generation. When reading Black Hawk Down, a reader may identify life lessons such as brotherhood work, evil in violence, and being prepared for anything in this world. Somewhat, these life lessons affect our future, especially teens in the MUSD due to what is going on a daily basis around our world. Preparation can be well affected in life, however it is a difficult lesson to learn today, especially with teenagers in districts such as the Morongo Basin. In Black Hawk Down, the author gives somewhat a lesson where preparation is significant in life. In the story of Black Hawk Down, the American soldiers had doomed themselves into danger without great preparation for battle. Even if the U.S military had great weapons, they were still defeated due to no preparation for battle. “Overwhelming superiority in technology and firepower created no insurance that the U.S forces would prevail when

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