Black Hawk Down Analysis

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Our troops went through easily the most horrible days of their lives in the Battle of Mogadishu. They spent a full day, which presumably felt like an eternity, fighting their hearts out for our country. The novel Black Hawk Down illustrates the story of the horrific battle that took place on October 3, 1903 (Bowden 3), moreover, BHD teaches us important lessons that especially apply to teenagers in MUSD because we have a marine base in 29 Palms. The knowledge we acquire from BHD relating to the battle, the men’s experiences, and the families’ worries allow us to behave respectfully in our community. This book presents us with knowledge of what battle is truly like, moreover, how extensive the preparation the troops go through is. They are trained for every predictable scenario, even how to act in captivity (Bowden 307). The troops additionally experienced intense fighting, furthermore, real battles are much more horrible than we can imagine and quick thinking is necessary. “The American teaches soldiers that they cannot shoot unless fired upon, but this rule was broken during this heated battle in order to potentially save lives for Americans.” (Anderson). This educates us by emphasizing that that training and rules do not always apply. The death toll of the troops was quite severe. It depleted the present community of both America and Somalia. “Eighteen Americans died and over 70 were wounded. At least 500 Somalis were killed and over 1,00 wounded, most of them civilians”

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