Black Hawk Down Analysis

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“ There are sides to be taken in wartime, but one would be wise to remember, the author seems to suggest, that both are made up of men.” Teenagers, but students more specifically, should know history and how it contributed to the way the United States is the way it is now especially with this war in Mogadishu specifically. Mark Bowden’s “Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War” is a minute-by-minute reconstruction of the climatic battle in the short, ill-fated American military campaign in Mogadishu (Finnegan). Bowden provides useful glosses of politics, both local and international, and the strategic reasoning that brought a humanitarian mission to such a bloody pass (Finnegan). Students should gain a good grasp and understanding on this book. Black Hawk Down’s understanding helps a student’s academic, social, and nationalistic development. There are many ways “Black Hawk Down” helps with a student’s academic skills. The vocabulary and technological advances used in the book can help students expand their vocabulary. “Black Hawk Down is a model for war journalism” (Anderson). The phrases established in this book help students better understand the way the men in battle talked to one another and how they understood each other. Another way this book helps with our academic abilities is the strategies they use that change our way of thinking. It gives students the ability to think deeper into what you are reading in order to improve their reading and writing skills. “One of

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