Black Hawk Down By Mark Bowden

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Black Hawk Down is a movie based on the book written by Mark Bowden, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Ridley Scott. The story took place in the city of Mogadisdhu, South Africa in 1993. The goal of the mission was to secure counselors to Mohamed Farrah Aidid, who controlled Mogadishu, and to restore order to the country so that food could be safely provided to the starving citizens. The US armed forces were not prepared for all the conditions they encountered. A simple mission that should have taken one hour turned into a twenty-two –hour disastrous rescue undertaking. The intent of the movie Black Hawk Down was to depict the superiority of the American soldiers even while fighting in the time of total confusion. To understand America’s presence in Mogadishu, an individual must first know what led to our country’s involvement. Mogadishu is geographically located on the eastern coastline of Africa bordering the Indian Ocean in the country of Somalia. Mogadishu was an important trade center with an international airport. Many commercial and financial activities took place in this location. An American presence in this country would have been strategically advantageous in supporting the deployment of troops and equipment rapidly into parts of Africa, Europe, and Asia. But before America got involved, the country was ruled by Mohammed Siad Barre. He was threatened by opposing clans who were determined to overthrow him. Civil war broke out in 1991 and

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