Essay about Black Hawk Down: Leave No Man Behind

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Ridley Scott’s film, Black Hawk Down, is a depiction of the Battle of Mogadishu, a raid integral to the United States' effort to capture Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidi.The film introduces us to an elite group of Army Rangers, Delta Force soldiers and helicopter pilots. As the film progresses the plan to capture Aidi turns into a plan of desperation and survival. The grueling and arduous battle shows us the special camaraderie of the soldiers that experience the crucible of combat together as well as the heroism instilled in them. The battle takes place in Somalia, Africa where, because of genocide, hundreds of thousands civilians have died of starvation. The U.S. takes action and tries to restore order after American soldiers and …show more content…
He could easily be left there on the ground perishing but we instantly see Staff Sergeant Matthew Eversmann, the films central character and protagonist, attend to Blackburn and try to his fellow soldier who has suffered a nearly fatal injury and is almost helpless. When two Hawks are shot and plummet to the ground General Garrison does not disregard the passengers and assume they have died in the crash but instead Garrison sends a rescue group to check for survivors and also orders that a perimeter be set up to protect any potential survivors from further attack. Solidarity is evident when the convoy picks up deceased soldiers: bearing rockets logded into their abdomen, with half of their body blown off by a rocket, or just viciously gunned down. No man was left behind. In the mission of leaving no man behind, we see several characters take heroic actions for one another. Black Hawk Down depicts a hero as one who shows great courage, by taking risks without regarding the safety of them self. During the turmoil one of the first signs of heroism we see is when Sergeant “Hoot” Gibson, under heavy enemy fire, risks his own life while attempting to clear a path to a safe spot for the wounded soldiers in his group. The turning point in the morality of what the soldiers are fighting is shown by two soldiers, Sergeant Sizemore and Private Thomas. Sergeant Sizemore’s request to go into battle is refused due to a cast he bears on his
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