Black Hearts By Jim Frederick

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The book Black Hearts is written by Jim Frederick and tells the story of all the controversial accounts one infantry unit ran into while on deployment in Baghdad, Iraq. The book is a documentation, captured accounts and events written down to tell the crazy story these soldiers went through. The specific unit Frederick writes about and what Black Hearts is about is 2nd brigade of the 101st airborne infantry division. “Black Hearts” was the unofficial insignia of 2nd brigade. Frederick covers one platoon in particularly and their ethical dilemmas they encounter while on deployment. 1st platoon, Bravo Company, 1-502nd Regiment is the unit the book covers. Many things on deployment unfold poorly for this platoon such as having little equipment, great loss of leadership positions, and unthinkable war crimes committed by U.S. soldiers. In this essay I will give a brief summary and examine leadership in the story to maybe give reasons as to why things happened the way they did for 1st platoon while on deployment. The leadership of the unit started at the battalion commander Lt. Col. Kunk. The company commander was Cpt. Goodwin and 1st platoon Pl was lt. Britt. 1st platoon went on deployment and their tour started in late October early November of 2005. Their regiment, also known as “First Strike”, went to an area in Baghdad known as the triangle of death. Upon arrival they took control of the area of operations that was poorly maintained and not kept secure to army standards.…
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