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Eric Hong [Email address] Eric Hong [Email address] Blackhearts Leadership Analysis By Eric Hong Blackhearts Leadership Analysis By Eric Hong Leadership, according to the Army doctrine, represents individuals’ ability to influence people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation while operating to accomplish the mission and improving the organization (“Leadership” FM 6-22). However, the varying characteristics of individuals that the Army attracts may instill this doctrine in many different ways, leading to different representations of leadership. Some individuals choose to lead their subordinate in a stern matter, only displaying matured emotions and a “tough-loving” attitude to guide them in the right direction. Others…show more content…
history-the rape of a fourteen-year-old Iraqi girl and the cold-blooded execution of her and her family. It is hard to believe that such an abhorrent event could occur under the command of well-experienced and decorated leaders that so many soldiers have entrusted their lives with. Frederick does an excellent job depicting a well-rounded story, taking into fact all accounts of the story, integrating both the perspectives of leaders and subordinates that display how much of an impact poor leadership can have on others, including the lives of the innocent civilians. The story unfolds to show how exactly, in Army vernacular, “shit rolls downhill” and the domino effect of poor leadership that leads to a catastrophic event. The brand new mission that involved the 1-502nd Infantry regiment was not only a hostile, but a confusing one in the least. In 2005, the 502nd Infantry Regiment was flung out to the 330-square mile region in Southern Baghdad known as the “Triangle of Death,” homing one of the most dangerous insurgency in the country. This area was the focal battleground between the Sunnis and Shi’ites as well as the central grounds for terrorists to ferry men, weapons, and money into the capital (Frederickson 113). The 502nd Regiment was assigned to the task of root out insurgent strongholds, promote social and municipal revival, and to train the local Iraqi Army battalions into a competent fighting force,
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