Black History After American History

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Black History Month started off, as Black History Week in 1926 in 1976 it became a month. It is known that many minorities have suffered in America, Canada, and the United Kingdom especially African Americans; therefore, a month was created to raise awareness of their culture and the role they played in American history. There are other minorities such as Latinos and the Gay/Lesbian community who have suffered and played a huge role in American history who deserve an annual celebration of achievements by Mexican Americans.
Black History Month has had positive effects it has taught many kids in schools the rich culture of blacks in America, not just America but other western countries. It honors Historical leaders of the black community as well as creating awareness for other minorities such as Latinos. Therefore there should be natural move to develop a Latino history month in secondary schools because children should learn about Latino culture. Latinos especially Mexicans were a huge part of American history since the mid-1800’s. From 1848 to 1928 thousands of Mexicans were murdered by lynching in Southwestern states and states far from the border like Nebraska and Wyoming. It is evident Historians have swept it under the rug, but it has happened, and children have not been taught this, and this is coming from personal experience. This subject so far has never been brought up in High school. Cesar Chavez is well known in the Latino Community as someone who fought for…
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