Black History Of American Education

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“The history of American education abounds with themes that represent the inextricable ties between citizenship in a democratic society and popular education.”(Anderson) As a result of their skin color, blacks had always been discriminated against in US society. As a result, blacks had become jaded to the harshness of inequality and could not find a plausible way to gain equal footing because they were taught that they were lesser beings than whites. From late 19th century to the end of the 20th century, blacks have championed for their civil rights as a result of the initial education and basic civil rights granted to them after constitutionally written freedom from slavery. However, blacks were still inhibited from becoming full members of society by discriminatory racial stereotypes and laws imposed on them by US society such as Jim Crows laws. Black history in the US, as a result, is immensely complicated and unique as is portrays the struggle of a race to elevate to an equal status of whites in US society, a struggle that continues to this day. However, oppression caused by Jim Crow laws stimulated the formation of black political parties that unified the race, notably the NAACP, and by utilizing the education given to the blacks during the Reconstruction Era and beyond, they formed a sense of black culture and identity, advancing their racial position in society. Through the power of education and economic opportunities, blacks obtained basic citizenship, a key trait…
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