Black History

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Javon SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology Instructor: Jeanette Maxey November 11, 2012 Theorists of Choice W.E.B Du Bois Sociology is the study of group behavior through the use of scientific investigation and research (Vissing, 2011). This class has shown so many different views on sociology. It explains how different people see society and how they live and interact with them. My theorist of choice is W.E.B Du Bois, because he laid down the foundation for the study of black sociology and the work of scholars such as E. Franklin Frazier (Vissing, 2011). In this paper I will discuss why I feel that W.E.B Du Bois views align with my personal views. W.E.B Du Bois real name is William Edwards Burghardt and was born…show more content…
He said no man has a right to choose another man friend’s. He wanted the law to enforce against the rich as well as the poor. He wanted the law to enforce against white as well as black. He talks about blacks are not more lawless than a white race. The blacks are more often arrested, convicted and mobbed. Du Bois said he wasn’t justice even for criminals and outlaws. Du Bois fought for equal rights for African Americans. He believed that African Americans should have the chance to advance education to develop its leadership. He believed that capitalism was the main cause of racism and he was generally sympathetic socialist causes throughout his life (Bois, W). He fought for the African Americans to get a higher position in the military. Some whites felt that African Americans were not qualified to be officers and some African Americans should not participate in what they consider a white man’s war (Bois, W). Du Bois supported increased civil rights, socialist causes and fought against American injustice both domestically and abroad. He never creased writing and he continued to publish on a wide range of subjects, such as poetry, civil rights, communism, imperialism and its effects on racial inequality. References Bois, W.E.B. Du. (1868-1963). Friesen, Bruce K. (2005). Teaching Sociology. Vissing, Y. (2011). An Introduction to Sociology.
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