Black Identity : My Self, Identity, And My Identity

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What are you? Do you classify yourself as simply black, African-American, or do you not know? When I ask what are you, I am asking you about your roots, the roots that make you, you. My roots is what I use to differentiate myself because I am more than just an American and I am more than just black. Nowadays black identity is used not only as a race but as ethnicity, including for people who do not know their heritage. On the other hand, freedom for people in the black race is much more than it was in the 20th century. Although, the black race have civil rights, racial issues still continue to exist today.
Black identity is not only the color of your skin but how you identify yourself whether it is by cultural experiences, accustoms, and historical roots. Personally, I do not classify myself as being African-American. I am black as in my skin color, but the main part of my identity is my ethnicity. Though I am an American due to the fact that it is my birth country, I do not adhere to the quintessential American culture. My bloodline is pure Haitian. I do not associate myself as being a true American because I do not share the same customs and history. My mother was born in Haiti and migrated to the United States in 1995, so essentially I was raised in a strict Haitian household. She was very sheltered from America’s issues and immersed herself in the Haitian enclaves. Thus, in my household my family would speak Creole, I went to a Haitian church, and was only fed Haitian
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