Black Is Beautiful Themes

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“Black Is Beautiful” is a cultural movement that was created by African American communities in the United States. The fight for equal rights and more positive views on African Americans started in the 1960s when society would make negative judgments on them since the media believed that African Americans were only good for being slaves. The novel The Bluest Eye (1970) by Toni Morrison and the album To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar both show oppression through institutionalized racism. The idea of “Black Is Beautiful” is influenced through Morrison’s novel and Lamar’s album by using the themes of low self esteem / self hate and judgment beyond skin color.

One of the main themes in the novel The Bluest Eye is low self esteem / self hate. The author reveals this theme through the character’s actions and word choice. In The Bluest Eye, the author reveals how Claudia feels about herself by explaining what she did to the blue eyed doll. She says, “I fingered the face, wondering at the single-stroke eyebrows… I could not love it. But I could examine it to see what it was that all the world said was lovable” (Morrison 21). Another way low self esteem and self hate is revealed is in Kendrick
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She explains to him that there is a difference between colored people and “niggers” based on how dark their skin tone is and how they behave and act. Before his mother told him the difference between the two, Junior loved to play with the black children because he did not see them as any different from him. After he learns about colored people and “niggers”, he starts to feel more superior than them which lead to him becoming hateful towards these children. Lamar also mentions this in his song “Complexion” by explaining that it does not matter whether you are light, dark, a lighter dark tone, or darker dark tone. Our skin color does not define who we really
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