Black Legend

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The black legend was the name given to the concept of cruelty and brutality spread by the Spanish during the 14th and 15th century. It can be said to be an anti-Spanish movement, which was started due to political and religious torment done by the Spanish on the people. It was the dominance and control of the Spanish over Europe that lead to the black legend of the Spanish. It was through this particular propaganda that the people were able to understand how various European countries had fallen prey to Spanish cruelty and misconduct. They were being religiously and politically divided just because of the supreme power that the Spanish held at the time. They wanted to stand tall as a nation and wanted to develop and advance together. They…show more content…
It is because of this legend that America was able to make through its darkest days and finally come out as a winner.
Sir Martin Luther’s contribution is unforgettable. He introduced everyone to the concept of individualism. Luther opened everyone’s eyes and gave way to the reformation of the concept of Protestantism. He wanted people to realize their own worth and the Spanish had no authority to enforce any culture or religion on them. He declared boycotts and led marches protesting against the discrimination that was being done with the minorities. He wanted people to have the freedom to exercise and practice their religious beliefs freely and openly.
I do not believe that the Spanish inquisition on Americas and Europe is a black legend since it gives facts about the conquest of Americas and all races and religions were able to come together due to this particular conquest. Everyone is aware of how much the Spanish followed Christianity and how they expelled the Jews and Muslims out of Europe. So, calling the Spanish cruelty and invasion a black legend would not be fair in my opinion. The black legend helped people of the New World familiarize with the events and happenings of the Old world. The black legend enabled people to realize the importance and significance of different cultures and religions and how all of these can be conducted under one political and social set up.
The black legend describes the regions included in the
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