Black Lesbian And Gay Families

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Although marriage equality continues to be in the legislative and media spotlight, little attention has been placed on the significance of legalizing same sex marriage for Black families. This article will discuss the available research on Black lesbian and gay families, highlighting both the strengths and challenges these families negotiate. Focusing on the resources Black lesbian and gay families provide to the Black community, such as foster parenting and adopting Black children, mentoring runaway and throwaway Black youth and leadership on Black social justice issues, this article will demonstrate the value of Black lesbian gay families towards the larger goal of strengthening all Black families and communities. Keywords: African-American, Marriage Equality, gay, lesbian, youth, family,

What is Marriage Equality?
Marriage equality is equity in the availability to all Americans, the civil rights and protections afforded by marriage. In contemporary parlance, marriage equality has centered on both the social justice movement and the legislative efforts to afford lesbian and gay Americans the same rights and freedoms with regard to marriage as are afforded to heterosexual Americans. Terms such as “gay marriage” and “same sex marriage” are also used to describe this issue. However these terms may be considered less accurate and biased since they imply that marriage between non -heterosexuals is a special privilege different from the civil right to marry that is…
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