Black Liberation Reflection

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I recently we went to a luncheon located at Union seminar in Manhattan to watch Dr James H Cone, the founder of Black liberation theology gave a presentation on Black liberation. Black liberation seeks to help African American overcome oppression, from not being treated equally as Whites. However black theologian still and is constantly seeking ways to liberate Blacks. Some issues that I can remember from the seminar was issues such as Discrimination against Blacks in the United States, Dr Cones stated that ‘African American was refusal to accept this interpretation of Christianity’. (Gonzales 51). “Slaves transformed to the religion imposed on them into liberative Christianity. Gonzales went on further to say that,…show more content…
Well, Africana studies relates to justice in the African world and how justice are formed within society. African studies as it relates to the seminar I attend, shows the separation of Blacks and Whites and how the view point of each race brings out different result in the society we are living in today. The seminar was very insightful experience as a transfer student, as I sat there among my fellow classmates as we watch Cones discuss African American people and how we fought for liberation and still is fighting to have an equally voice as any individual, his reflection form his point of view was very touching in a way I was glad I was invited to attend, Although they was many topics discuss, I felt closet to his discussion about Black lives Matter. Moreover I would definitely attend another Union theology seminar, Its brings light to many social topic that affecting our society, such as racism and black churches and their religion and how each church is viewed by society differently, vs the Roman Catholic and their belief on how religion is accepted in churches. As a young African American living here in the United States it’s good to be educated through books teaching and many others educational output. Dr Cones makes me want to learn more about seminars such as the one I
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