Black Like Me

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From biblical eras, when at one point Jews were held as prisoners under the law of the Pharaoh, to more modern times concerning issues with race and other differences such as today’s fight for same-sex marriage approval, there have always been issues presented in society resulting from the many dissimilarities found amongst the appearances, behavior, beliefs, et cetera of the public. As history has shown time and time again, it is simply not acceptable for discrimination to have a role in the happenings of current times. Gone now are the days where minorities would sit back and accept the unfair treatment that society would press their way. The public is much more aware of the rights that are afforded to them from birth by the terms of the Declaration and Constitution. Rather than accept any injustices thrown its way, society has grown to rely on the government as a figurehead to step in and prevent any unfair treatment geared towards the People. It has become an expected happening that concerning any major issues on the grounds of discrimination, whether on a local, state, or federal level, the government is responsible for creating and enforcing policies that protect those affected from unfair treatment. Before implementing or changing a policy onto the public, officials are expected to weigh each idea thoroughly as to identify the consequences of its placement,…
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