Black Lit By Richard Wright

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Angeli O 12/11/2015 Native Son/Fruitvale Station Essay Black Lit Period 1 Ever since the beginning of slavery in America, the existence of the black male population has been compromised and they had to live their lives under the power of white supremacy. Society’s institutions use systematic oppression to create the identity of black males. This “monstrous” identity is created to excuse the unlawful acts of the privileged. From the murder of Laquan McDonald and Michael Brown, black males often face harsh racial prejudices the moment they are introduced to the world. The bodies of black males has been taken advantage of, where the people accept this institutionalized racism. In Native Son by Richard Wright, Bigger Thomas is characterized as an impoverished, violent, and uneducated black male. The book begins with a large rat that scampers across their apartment, which Bigger aggressively kills. The rat undoubtedly represents Bigger, for they are both physically repulsive and is seen as a threat to the outside world. The only way for him to survive is to kill the rat or be killed by it. The war with blacks versus whites creates the concept of racial stereotypes, against black males like Bigger. This forbids him to have true control over his life or aspire to anything more than a low class worker. This is also seen in Fruitvale Station when a white police officer unlawfully shoots an innocent black man for looking suspicious. Coogler’s movie created the theme of black
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