Black Lives Matter : Black Life Matter Essay

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Black Lives Matter
Before I even realized what separated me from the average female society hit me with the harsh realities of how hard my life would be based primarily on the color of my skin and not the “content of my character”. I am an African American female on paper and all of the require documents that my parents signed from birth certificate to my recent driver’s license. However, because the pigment of my skin didn’t look as though the average stereotypical black female critics grew skeptical as if I was portraying something I was not. The fact is I myself am not the average ‘mixed race’ my father is and my mother is of high complexion which resulted in my appearance to be of ‘mixed raced’ as well. Just because the equality of my blackness didn’t exude from my skin, harassment from certain individuals grew to be intolerable. My mentality or more so society convinced me I belong in the same category on standardized testing known and labeled as other. Other because I had no spot the blacks were suspicious and the whites didn’t see the same characteristics as they seen on television and portrayed on their average Barbie dolls. For these same reasons, my understanding of what a racist was first-hand accounts from both oppositions. Thus leaving me in the middle of a very similar war zone. Blacks lives matter versus ‘all lives matter’ I never felt the need to pick a side but if I don’t I will just become another person ignoring the problem as if the patches in the road
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