Black Lives Matter By Karin Kamp

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Karin Kamp wrote, “Black Lives Matter evolved from a hashtag to an online social network to an on-the-ground political network that now spans the globe,”(Kam) When Karin Kamp said this it asked the question, do we really understand how big this conflict has become? Earlier this year, four people kidnapped a young man and brutally tortured him, all while streaming it on Facebook. They did this in a span of 3 or 4 days. People are calling this crime the “Black Lives Matter Kidnapping”. The videos show horrible and gruesome things that were done to the man, including forcing the man drink toilet water. While this is happening the attackers were saying hurtful words to the man, Donald Trump and many others. The police suggest this event has no…show more content…
Shockingly, the survey said that 53% of Americans think it discriminates against White individuals. The Black Lives Matter and The All Lives Matter debate is a problem that can be felt all across America. Ian Olasov wrote, “we ought to care [more] about black lives. But they’re making that claim because they believe the corresponding descriptive claim is false,”(Ola). The Black Lives Matter tells many lies that continue to be proven wrong. For example, the group said that every twenty-eight hours, a black individual is killed by a police officer, which has been proven wrong. In 2014, Michael Brown, a black male, was killed by an officer in Ferguson, Missouri. This was the initial driving force to the Black Lives Matter uproar. The reason he was shot is because he attempted to take the officer’s gun. Yet, the hands up gesture is used in rallies and chants, even though it isn’t true. Kelly Riddell wrote, “What was disclosed was Darren Wilson, the officer involved, had acted in self-defense and had reason to fear for his life,”(Rid). People think that the Black Lives Matter movement is a peaceful protest between blacks and whites who aren’t saying only black lives matter. They thought the Civil Right’s movement was important and thought that it was changing their lives, but it hasn’t . The movement is making a huge impact in America today, and it is anything but peaceful. The Black Lives Matter assures

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