Black Lives Matter Discussion

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Black Lives Matter is a remarkable commitment that goes past extrajudicial killings of Black individuals by police and vigilantes. Black Lives Matter began online shortly after the not-guilty verdict in the killing of Trayvon Martin, and it ported over to the streets not long after the killing of Michael Brown. Black Lives Matter is a movement, and cry for racial justice. When we say Black Lives Matter, we are expanding the discussion around state viciousness to incorporate the greater part of the courses in which Black individuals are deliberately left feeble on account of the state. We are discussing the routes in which Black lives are denied our fundamental human rights and respect.
Black Lives Matter is fighting for the advancements of rights for black individuals; as well as understanding who the laws of society are directed to. What would you do if you were in the predicament that Philando Castile was in? Black Lives Matter should be supported by people who
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There were two different side to the this particular story. One side says that he was surrendering with his hands in the air to show that he was unarmed and then the officer opened fire. Authorities counter that Brown attacked the officer in his car and tried to take his gun. With the video being online and on the news it shows proof that he was actually surrendering. Particularly I am for Black Lives Matter because of the facts stated above. Both of these people Trayvon and Michael were victims of police brutality and happen to be black. For the first time I feel as though I have a purpose. Black people should be able to go through the day just like any other person that has to abide by the rules and regulations of society. So many people are startled and scared of the so called “Protection” we have today and that should not be the case, because who are we going to call when we are in need of
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