Black Lives Matter Movement In The United States

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Picture yourself being in an African American shoes, you’re walking out of a store and a white off duty police officer accuses you of stealing from the store. As you defend yourself by telling the officer that you did no such thing, this accusation starts becoming violent. As the officer calls for back up, he has you on the ground, you then start realizing that this officer accused you of something you didn’t do, automatically assuming that you did such thing because of your color. (Making you question yourself on why)Why is it that we have people in this world to automatically assume that they have higher priorities than any other race out there in this world just because of their ethnicity. Is it the fact that parents don’t do their job to…show more content…
This movement started in 2012 after African American started realizing how poorly they were being treated from society. This movement defines how African Americans feel everyday, by this they feel powerless and how there lives are unprivileged by there dignity and human rights. African Americans are being accused on things they didn’t cause on a daily basis, and even being killed by polices, vigilantes and other races. This movement is to demand polices to make a change among black people unequal treatment and it focuses on undocumented black people, transgender, queer, disabled black people, and gender spectrum. This movement can resemble to the Civil Right movement. Black Lives Matter is seeking to progress and eventually have countries from around the world hear African Americans voices and stand up for…show more content…
Patrisse Cullors who is one of the three founders of the Black Lives Matter movement is an activist from Los Angeles, CA and an African American herself. At a young age Patrisse came out as a queer herself, having this be a reason why she is part of the movement. Alicia Garza, is an activist and writer from Oakland, CA. and is part of this movement after she realized how wrong it was after the killing of Trayvon Martin, and imagined herself being related to Trayvon and people blaming African Americans for Trayvon Martin’s death. Garza stated, “I felt not only enraged but a deep sense of grief that I can't protect him. I can't protect him against this cancer.” Making this one of her reasons she started the hashtag post on social media and became part of this movement. Also, Opal Tometi, an Nigerian-American writer, contributes with helping black people on immigration and finding justice for African Americans. These three founders focus too, “ Push for black people’s right to live with dignity and respect and be included in the American democracy that helped create,” and “deal with anti-racism.”
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