Black Male And Caucasian Police Officer Essay

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As for our last case another African American male and Caucasian police officer were involved. Black male Eric Garner was supposedly confronted for selling cigarettes on the street, one of the officers Daniel Pantaleo who had Eric in a chokehold which caused the death of him. This took place on July 17th, 2014 in Staten Island, New York City. Within the department I was surprised on female African American NYPD Sargent Kissy Adoni on how she did not intervene. As a result of Garner 's death, Police Commissioner William Bratton ordered an extensive review of the NYPD 's training procedures, specifically focusing on the appropriate amount of force that can be used while detaining a suspect. According to CBS New York Bratton stated “we are not targeting communities of color, we are targeting behavior. Also that policing unfortunately, when force is used, it’s never good to look at.” As a compassionate individual, Bratton recognized that there was excessive force and the use of a chokehold was not authorized by the departments regulations. After looking prior to incidents chokeholds are prohibited in the New York City police department along with most departments but these officers still proceed. Both officers involved have been assigned to desk duty by orders of the commissioner. Commissioner Bratton plans to move forward with Internal Affairs investigation directed by our prosecutor. His leadership highly seen in regards to the case and department in ordering an extensive
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