Black Males In America Often Suffer The Consequences Of

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Black males in America often suffer the consequences of stereotypical judgment placed upon them. Because of the conventional image given to black males, they immediately have to deal with the repercussions of social inequality. In what some consider “White America”, white males have always been thought to have white privilege. Black males have been abused for hundreds of years, dating way back to slavery which began in the 1600’s. In 1940, Richard Wright wrote a book that later became one of the greatest novels of American Literature. The book focuses on a young black male who takes a terrible journey after killing a white woman out of fear. Foster writes, “Political writing that engages the realities of its world- that thinks about human…show more content…
On May 21st of 1924, Loeb and Leopold followed fourteen year old Bobby Franks while he was walking home from school. They asked Bobby to come to the car to discuss a tennis racquet and once he was in the car, they killed using a chisel. The duo then proceeded to strip Bobby Franks naked and then pour hydrochloric acid on his body to make the identity of the body become more difficult. Loeb and Leopold then called the home of Bobby Franks telling them their son had been kidnapped, but he was unharmed. The couple sent a ransom note the following day, requesting ten thousand dollars, The devious boy’s planned were spoiled when Bobby Franks body was found along with a pair of glasses that had to belong to no other than Nathan Leopold. Attorney Clarence Darrow gave a twelve hour plea blaming the decision of the boys on society itself. According to the Tribune 's report, Darrow "indicted the age in which we live for cruelty. He indicted war for callusing the hearts and sympathies of men. He indicted the educational system under which 'young and plastic minds ' are given the pagan philosophers of all times." (Grossman). Butler believes “The Loeb and Leopold case played a prominent role of Richard Wright’s Native Son” (556). During Bigger’s trial Max says, “The hate and fear which we have inspired in him, woven by our civilization unto the very structure of his
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