Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public by Brent Staples Essay examples

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We probably know discrimination occurs in any situation, anywhere. I think discrimination depends on individual reasons or social problems because everything around us can make us fall prey to discrimination. Today, we know discrimination of race is unlawful, but it is still existent in some people, and it gets skillfully concealed under some form, or another. For example, in the essay “Black Man Ponders His Power to Alter Public” by Brent Staples, the author is a black man. He explains a few encounters in which he has been a victim of discrimination because of his skin color. I love America, because this country includes many different races; it makes me think of the beautifully-diverse prairie flowers. I thought…show more content…
She stood, the dog extended toward me, silent to my questions, her eyes bulging nearly out of her head. I took a cursory look around, nodded, and bade her good night.” (Ackley, page 187), the proprietor humiliated him, she rushed to the conclusion that he is a bandit just because his skin color is black. Her actions and behavior have shown contempt toward him; she might think that a different skin color translates to a different level in society. She killed his self-respect. I’m pretty sure if he is a white man, she would have changed her attitude and greeted him properly. When people discriminate others, they think they are in a higher social position because, in their opinion, the low class is poor and made of rapists, murders and gangsters. She felt unsafe when he entered her store. “In that first year, my first way from my hometown, I was to become thoroughly familiar with the language of fear. At dark, shadowy intersection in Chicago, I could cross in front of a car stopped at traffic light and elicit the thunk, thunk of the driver-black, white, male, or female-hammering down the door locks.” (Ackley, page 185), as I read in this essay, he was not a gangster, he was studying at the University of Chicago. Even though he has had a good education, people around him usually think he is dangerous because he is

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