Black Market Argumentative Analysis

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A lot of people has had someone in their life that needed an organ transplant. The Black Market is a group of people that buy and sell things illegally. The items they sell are generally things like banned weapons or human organs. The Black Market has a much more difficult time selling things like alcohol or simple weapons like pistols or shotguns because they are legal. People can donate their blood and other body fluids and get payment for it. In order to reduce the amount of body parts sold on the black market, congress must legalize the selling of organs.
Starting off, the United States has a problem with organs being sold to the Black Market. As Michael Shafer says in his news article, “Black market organ transfer is the consequence of
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Shafer says, “The group identified as prospective donors are vulnerable because of their low social status, their ethnicity, their gender, their age, or their incarceration”. The people may be taken advantage of by even the doctors due to them not having a high social status or having a serious need for money. Mrs. Roff in Mcintosh’s article shows how the option is still good. “Mrs. Roff described this as a ‘very patronising and paternalistic’ stance. She said that the option should potentially be available to anyone healthy, including students, to allow them to go to university without incurring huge debts” she said. The people involved could be healthy students who would get into college without huge debts rather than a poor unhealthy person who is desperate. J.S. Taylor makes a good point when he says, “The end‐use purchasers of black market kidneys have received diseased organs, or kidneys that were not suitable, and have suffered as a result of their bodies rejecting them”. Without the legalisation of selling organs the Black Market can sell organs that may be diseased or the wrong blood type involved making the patient’s body reject it, causing a larger problem than with the possible coercion. The article Taylor wrote also tells everyone, “Similarly, de Castro holds that ‘Being underground, the [black] market is not subjected to institutional regulation that could ensure proper pretransplant and post‐transplant care for the donors …’”. Without the regulations that could be involved in legalized organ selling and transplantation, the Black Market will have an unregulated method of transplanting that would be more dangerous for both the patients and the
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