Black Masculinity Essay

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The article that I will be examines is “Booty call sex, violence, and images of black masculinity” by Patricia Hill Collins. The author has examined the black experience and how the media misrepresents black men; these effects are still felt in the present. Collins was using different forms of media such as sport, film, and historic events. To help the readers to learn where hyper sexuality, violet, and criminal stereotypes of black male come from. Most people in the United States are aware of many stereotypes and images surrounding black men. These negative portrayals of black male are noticeable and expressed in the public through the news, film, and other forms of media. With the media access into people's' home helps to spread these…show more content…
For that reason, black boys and men are being exposed to a high degree of stereotypes, hate, and controlling images from the media are portraying them as criminals, rapist, violent, lazy, and unintelligible. Which can have led some black youth to believing in these stereotypes that are in our media about them. Which on page 158, the author was explaining “the controlling images of black men as criminals or as deviant beings encapsulates this perception of black men as inherently violent and/or hyper- heterosexual and links this representation to poor and/or working class African-American men. Again, this representation is more often applied to poor and working- class men than for their more affluent counterparts, but all Black men are under suspicion of criminal activity or breaking rules of some sort.” The example above was showing that the author was explaining how the media misrepresents black men; media often depicts black youth as criminals, and rarely as heroes; these impacts of media portrayal of young black as problematic. Given that the media used the method of framing, agenda-setting, and propaganda is easily manipulated through racial differences. Which the media is using the narrative is that black people are violent and lazy, and one must protect themselves from them. We can see this method being used in the
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