Black Masculinity Through The Media

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This research will investigate black masculinity through the mass media in the United States of America. The social perception of black men through the media becomes a social understand. Qualitative research develops a deeper understanding on the lived experience of the individual. Qualitative research relays on the experience and the researcher’s interpretation of the experience to created universal understand of a social issue. Qualitative method interpreted the visual experience which requires the researcher to join the experience and interpreted the phenomena in a meaningful way. ( Qualitative method has several theoretical underpinnings such as Ontology, epistemology, axiology and methodology (Creswell, & Creswell, 2007) Ontology questions the nature of reality and truth; which can be subjective because of the deviation of culture norms in every society. Epistemology is the relationship between the researcher and the research. The researcher must become involved in the research but keep some emotional distance to remain neutral. Axiology states the research must be mindful of the biases and ethical values to conduct the research. Methodology states all the knowledge will be derived from the data (Creswell, & Creswell, 2007) CRITICAL DISCOURSE ANALYSIS OVERVIEW The primary method of this research is Critical discourse analysis or CDA. Critical discourse analysis is a theoretical and methodological approach to an empirical study of the relationship
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