Black Men And Public Space Essay

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There have been many stories about discrimination. It has affected people of color. Those stories explained how bad it can be for outsiders. Stories like that have had a big impact on society. Two stories that are an example of that are “Black Men and Public Space” by Brent Staples and “The F Word” by Firoozeh Dumas. The stories, “Black Men and Public Space” and “The F Word” are similar because both characters were discriminated against themselves, were not the only ones harassed, and each went through a tough moment. One of the ways the two essays are similar is because both characters were discriminated against themselves. For example, In Black men and Public Space Staples was discriminated against for his skin color. He lived in a part of Chicago where it was mostly white American people. Sometimes people would not look his way and ignored him because they thought he was up to no good. The reason for that was because white people did not want to associate with a black man. Staples was also discriminated because of the way he walked at night. In the essay, an example of that was when Staples explained that he was walking behind a woman. The woman turned around and saw him. The woman thought he was a mugger because Staples was black. In his own words, Staples described “After a few more quick glimpses; she picked up her pace was soon running in earnest, within seconds she disappeared into a cross street” (pg195). That was the kind of discriminations he had
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