Black Men And Public Space

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Imagine being an African American and you see the police in your rearview mirror, is your first reaction fear and anxiety? Imagine being a Caucasian and you see an African American hooded male walking quietly behind you. Is your first reaction fear and anxiety? In both of these cases, the person who is targeted is African American. An understanding of where these feelings stem from could change the feelings in the future. Due to the stigma that black men are all thieves, robbers , and criminals, they are more likely to be targeted by the police. If that stigma was magically erased and people stopped viewing Blacks as criminals, the world would be much more peaceful. This can be done merely through education,telling the truth about blacks and less assumptions. This idea derives from Brent Staples’ “Black Men and Public Space” (Revelations 167) and Meta Carstarphen’s “Black Versus Blue: Time for a Cease-Fire?” (Revelations 185). Brent Staples in “Black Men and Public Space” (Revelations 167) ,expresses his personal issues when it comes to the stigma that has been placed upon him. Being black, he is seen to be a danger. Women clutch their purses and car owners lock their doors at the sight of him. He has done nothing to make them feel threatened except for the fact that he is an African American male. They have no way of knowing what he is capable of doing so they immediately feel fear. They have fear of what they think they know and what they actually don’t know. Although, it…
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