Black Men Is The Idea Of White America

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Black Man in a White America A major issue in today’s age is the idea of “White America”. Ta-Nehisi Coates brings forth the ideas of white America often throughout his book, Between the World and Me, as well as the struggles he has as a black American. For many years, people have been pushed or pulled to America in hopes of finding the American dream everyone talks about. The dream of coming to America and exploring the new frontier. Eventually, to become wealthy and become an upper class citizen. Although, little do they know that the dream is not obtainable by everyone. Coates asserts the American dream revolves around being white. Often times, black people will begin to “act white” in order to achieve this American dream or achieve…show more content…
Although, Coates believes we have good intentions, not everything we do is necessarily good. Coates says that the idea of good intentions is a hall pass through history and it reassures the actions of many Americans (33). For example, slavery was the premise of good intentions to make money, but forcing someone into this brutality is unfathomable. By someone saying they had good intentions by having slaves is just an excuse for their horrible actions that allows them to slide under the rug without being criticized. It is known that the dream is fabricated from the backs of slaves, yet this dream is still what many whites force upon people and try to achieve to this day. The pressure for many blacks to achieve this dream is uncanny; they cannot rise up if white America keeps standing on their backs pushing them down. Coates describes the American Dream as living in the suburbs and maintain a well-paying job. At the same point, he argues that the fundamentals of the dream come from the activities and lives of a white family. The dream is living in a home with a white picket fence and having cookouts in the summer. It is about block associations, driveways, and strawberry shortcake (11). According to Coates, the problem with the dream is many black people will change who they are and change their character in order to be accepted and eventually achieve this dream. In addition, Coates discusses another instance in Manhattan, where
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