Black Men and Public Space in America

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Black Men and Public Space: An Agent of Change African-American men and white men are born and raised within the continental U.S.; each of their own faculty empowered to change the social injustice of a society. The innate qualities of the African American do not compare to those of the white man, yet - “empowered” they are with character. The foundation for the concept –“character” is best defined as “holistic,” meaning of physical, mental and social qualities – A. Adler’s school of thought, as well as A. Maslow and C. Rogers’ thoughts –“[a]n equal human being… cognitive, emotional, and volitional” (Ambrus, 33 -34) Jennifer Ritterhouse, author of Growing Up Jim Crow: How Black and White Southern Children Learned Race, explains that…show more content…
This upward mobility is described by Marlon B. Ross in the article, Manning the Race: Reforming Black Men in the Jim Crow Era; persona “[a]s a reactive identity overdetermined by the hegemony of white masculinity or as a parallel, if marginalized, cultural formation mimetically patterned on white masculinity.” (Clarke, 456) Staples’ behavior resembles a person who is projecting himself in the direction of upward mobility. The difference is that, unlike the white man, Staples says that he “[t]akes precautions to make [himself] less threatening.” (231) A parallel to Staples’ upward mobility is a typical young white man at high school projecting masculinity. Related to it is upward mobility mastery in a study by Nicolas W. Proctor. In June 2007, at South West High School in Minneapolis, MN, the counselor for students H-Z had stepped out of his office. Since he was out and the door was open, I waited in his office for him to return. The second person to enter the room was a young ethnic student; she sat down beside me. Shortly afterward, the counselor entered and at that time the counselor saw that there were two women in his office. When yet when a third person entered, the white male, he proceeded to direct an inquiry
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