Black Movement Speeches

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I want you to know your opinions are a refreshing point of view. I want you before you continue reading, I am white and very conservative, but not a racist or prejudice by any means. I think the awareness you are trying to bring is good and I'm sorry for the trouble you are being given. The threats and negativity come from the insecure, guilt-ridden and lazy, regardless of race. Thank you for standing up. Of course, every good comes with opinions. You have so many likes, followers and supporters. At the risk if overstepping, I am offering a suggestion. You are successfully bring the Black movement controversy from a different point of view. What happened a little over a week ago is an injustice to the American people. Now that the group is spending, maybe consider changing the name. I see for as much support you are giving, Beyoncé is benefitting financially from the attention. I'm not certain if this is a valid point, but the group name could pull away from the objective. Just a suggestion, I'm sorry for offending you, Mr. Harrison, and any of your followers. It's good to see those speak out. The young lives that will be stepping up to run our country and continue to mold our society, need to see and understand all sides of the issues. As I pointed out, I am white. Should I come forward and speak out strongly about these tense issues I believe would create larger issues. The more your (and my) opinions finally are supported publicly, the more confident will become to step up.…show more content…
There will be several FB members that don't agree with my opinion. I have written this with a decorum of class and respect. Hateful, inappropriate and cruel replies are not necessary. Please be mature enough to have the same respect for
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