Black Music And The Performance Of Black Creative Music

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By its name, Black Music is to be used as a case in point. Because it is easy to identify, its contributions to popular culture are omnipresent. A good example of how this might be is in the performance of Black Creative Music (Jazz). Before we move further we must explain what we intend to examine when we use the term Black Creative Music.
In this discourse the words Black and White are applied as positions. As positions they represent all people from the least favored to the most favored in a given society. Color here applies as it may be used in playing the game of chess. In other words, it 's reference to color, as description of people is not in use here. All people are subject to occupy many positions from the least favored to the most favored depending on the particular. Put differently do not mistaken black to mean "the color of ones skin." Here, black is used as a position as in chess.
Black Culture represents the cultural form that is identified as emanating within "popular culture." Popular culture contains the many forms that have represented what "common" people are said to invent, e.g., blues. Blues comes from the enslaved people who were brought to the United States from the continent of Africa. With them came a musical form that was performed with or without a vocalist, or, a vocalist without instrument. The music having its origin in Ethiopia, presents the Ethiopian scale as one of many minor tones that can be seen and heard throughout continent from…
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