Black News. The Article Black News, Written By Eula Biss,

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Black News The article Black News, written by Eula Biss, contains experiences from Biss’s career that led her to have strong views on racism in our country. Biss begins this article by giving some information on the different views the UN had on allowing weapon inspectors to return to Iraq. She then went on to introduce her life in San Diego and how she felt like the beaches were very similar to the community in that they were very white. She uses that analogy to explain how everything isn’t always how it looks to be in that there was much about San Diego she had yet to know about. Then she went on to explain her living environment and how she stumbled across an African-American newspaper called the San Diego Voice and Viewpoint. She…show more content…
Then she talks about how much she tried to help Eve get the kids back and all of the adversity they had to go through to make this happen. Biss quit her job a few weeks after her final interview with Eve because she felt like she could no longer be a reporter and will never look at the news the way she used to. I believe that the pitch of this article is the media and news in our country are ignoring the needs of African-Americans and other minorities. The complaint is many African-Americans have had many unfair and unlawful doings put upon them and they can’t do anything about it. The moment is the history of racism in the years since 9/11 happened. I think Biss makes it clear what she wants those three things to be in this piece by much emphasize of information on those three statements. There are many things in this article that Biss repeats and mentions several times throughout. When talking about her family, Biss talks about each member with the same introduction. “And I don’t mean specifically that my mother’s sister later remarried and adopted a black son, or that my mother’s sister adopted a Cherokee daughter. And I don’t mean specifically that my mother lived with a black man after her divorce from my father” (Biss 79). I think Biss did this to emphasize that the color of one’s skin does not make them any different from or lower than you. Also to prove to the

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